Student Blogger Resources


Incorporating student blogging into your classroom curriculum can be terrifying and overwhelming to say the least. Here are resources I have found extremely helpful in crafting, revising, and updating blogging assignments and activities:

Teen Ink
While this isn’t exactly a collection of student blogs, it is a 100% safe space for students to explore the writing of other people their age. I love finding good student writing on here to use as an exemplar when teaching new genres of writing.

ReadWriteThink Blogging Assignment
Struggling to format your assignment? I used this as a starter template.

Using Blogs in the Classroom: University of Michigan
I teach middle school, and this report certainly isn’t focused on that age group, but it has fantastic tidbits and research citations about student empowerment, links to WordPress tutorials, and privacy options.

Brilliant Kid Bloggers
Want to prove that blogging is possible? Show your students any of these 10 kid bloggers to offer encouragement. If you ever get into image-based blogging, check out this Instagram of young foodie role models!

Student Blogging Challenge
Blogging challenges are fun, regular ways for students to respond to open-ended “challenges.” Outside of the classroom, bloggers often participate in these themed challenges as well, so it prepares them for participating in the blogosphere post-course. Create your own blogging challenges for your class, find ones already out there, or encourage them to find/create their own!


Happy blogging!



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